Appropriate Rituals: Cat’s Angel Message for May 14, 2019


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Appropriate Rituals: Cat’s Angel Message for May 14, 2019

May’s Theme: This month brings changes into your life. While change sometimes feels scary, it is a necessary thing for our overall growth. Be willing to embrace it and allow it to happen naturally and get ready for better things!

Don’t think you can attain total awareness and whole enlightenment without proper discipline and practice. This is egomania. Appropriate rituals channel your emotions and life energy toward the light. Without the discipline to practice them, you will tumble constantly backward into darkness. – Lao Tzu

514:  The practice of  grounding, clearing and centering is important to our emotional, mental and spiritual health. There are no rules on how often it should be done. But sometimes we need to perform this more often due to stress, major upheavals or changes. As we are currently working with changes we are being reminded that now might be a good time to engage in this self care ritual. This 3 step process helps to keep us balanced and promotes peace and harmony within ourselves and with the Universe. Now that the weather is warmer I suggest “earthing”. Going barefoot in the garden or grass is a wonderful way get grounded and to connect with the energy of Mother Earth. Allow yourself to “root” into the earth and just release, feel the sun on your face and let healing begin!

Archangel Michael can remove all psychic hooks, lines and cords that have been attached to your energy field. By simply asking him to do this is frees up your energy and promotes balance and sense of great peace. The Ascended Master Maitreya teaches us that laughter and joy create the positive energy we need to propel us forward. It helps us to let go stress and worry, which allows the light of faith and hope to shine through. laughter can also help us to clear our energy. And the Celtic goddess Nemetona teaches us that nature is the best place to recharge, she says ” I am the spirit of the sacred grove. I invite you to worship in my temple and feel the heartbeat of nature. This communion can heal a weary and battered soul and replenish your spirit with hope and divine peace.”

Our Sacred Stones for today include the following:  Amethyst which is associated with Archangel Michael. It calms and quiets internal chatter and “monkey mind”, which in turn enables us to relax and allow the grounding and balancing to take place and Hematite which has a strong connection to the earth element and helps us stay grounded and promotes feelings of safety. Hematite also brings mental clarity through focus and concentration which is essential letting go process which accompanies change.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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