Cat’s Morning Bits for October 30, 2020 “Samhain Edition”

Cat’s Morning Bits for October 30, 2020 “Samhain Edition”

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


“Between the heavens and the earth
The way now opens to bring forth
The Hosts of those who went on before;
Hail! We see them now come through the Open Door.

Now the veils of worlds are thin;
To move out you must move in.
Let the Balefires now be made,
Mine the spark within them laid.

Move beyond the fiery screen,
Between the seen and the unseen;
Shed your anger and your fear,
Live anew in a new year!”

Lore of the Door


October Events:

Oct 1: Full Blood Moon at 2:05 pm PST/ 3:05 pm MST/ 5:05 pm EST

Oct 9: Moon 3rd Qtr 5:39 pm PST/ /6:39 pm MST/ 8:39 pm EST

Oct 12: Indigenous Peoples Day

Oct 16: Super New Moon at 12:31 pm PST/ 1:31 pm MST/ 3:31 pm EST

Oct 23: Moon 1st Qtr. 6:22 am PST/ 7:22 am MST/ 9:22 am EST

Oct 28 Celtic Tree Month of Reed begins

Oct 31 Samhain / Halloween and Full Blue moon at 7:49 am PST/ 8:49 am MST/ 10:49 am EST


DIY Wicca: Is There a Goddess of Samhain and Halloween?

Who is the Goddess of Samhain?
A lot of magick involves the worship or praise of a spirit or deity. Samhain is an especially important day for spirit-based spellwork and rituals, for more of them are active on this celebratory date. The Celtic Goddess most closely associated with the Samhain celebration and the history of Samhain, is Morrigan.

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A Dress Historian Explains the History of the Witch Hat


“Your tombstone stands among the rest;
neglected and alone
The name and date are chiseled out
on polished, marbled stone
It reaches out to all who care
It is too late to mourn
You did not know that I’d exist
You died and I was born.
Yet each of us are cells of you
in flesh, in blood, in bone.
Our blood contracts and beats a pulse
entirely not our own.
Dear Ancestor, the place you filled
one hundred years ago
Spreads out among the ones you left
who would have loved you so.
I wonder if you lived and loved,
I wonder if you knew
That someday I would find this spot,
and come to visit you.”

Dear Ancestor


ThoughtCo: Sacred Plants of the Samhain Sabbat

In most modern Pagan traditions, plants and their folklore are an integral part of belief and practice. In particular, many of the Sabbats are associated with the magical properties of different plants.



Exemplore: Seven Crystals for Samhain

Samhain is one of the major festivals on the pagan wheel of the year. It is the time of the third and final harvest and the end of the cycle of birth, life, and growth.

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Witch On Fire: Blue Wave Water Magick for Samhain

As Samhain tides rise, witches typically take stock of all we’ve grown that year. In 2020, that is more like an accounting of what precious shreds we’ve managed to hold onto. Look into your metaphorical harvest basket, and if “well-enough” and “making do” and “getting by” is what you’ve harvested?

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The Tetraktys: Five Samhain Spirit Animals You Need to Work With

Samhain is that time of the year when the veil between the worlds is thinner. That’s why this week, we will work with spirit animals associated with the day of the dead. First, I will explain some basic notions of shamanism. Then, I will introduce each spirit animal and explain how they are associated with Halloween.

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Lisa thiel – Samhain Song


Treehugger: Tree-Dwelling Gray Foxes Decorate With Skeletons

As the only canids that can climb trees, gray foxes frequently drag fawn and rabbit skeletons onto the branches with them.

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The Old Farmer’s Almanac: The Seven Sisters at Halloween

Pleiades: The 7 Sisters

The Seven Sisters at Halloween
It’s an annual autumn ritual: The reappearance of the glorious Seven Sisters. Around Halloween, they always rise in the east before 7 PM and are nicely up after 8 PM. Learn more about the Pleiades-and their connection to All Hallows’ Eve.



Patheos-Pagan: Jack-O’-Lanterns and the Devil

The Jack-o-Lantern is one of the most prominent symbols of Halloween. Every year around Halloween time people take home pumpkins and begin carving them into Jack-o-Lanterns. While countless people engage in the creation of Jack-o-Lantern, I often find that many are not familiar with where this tradition comes from or the folklore behind it.



Pagan Playlist: Loreena McKennitt – All Souls Night



“In any way that men love me in that same way they find my love: for many are the paths of men, but they all in the end come to me.”
— Song of God, Bhagavad Gita

Spirit – the life force – exists in everything. It follows, then, that ANY path, any encounter is spiritual if we have the awareness to see it as such. Going deeper, going higher, emptying, connecting, believing or disbelieving, bouncing off the bottom,experiencing the heights, in pain, in ecstasy ….

Too often, we search afar for our own purpose when it is in our lives all the time, waiting for us to express it more openly. Bring greater awareness to each encounter and situation in life. Tune in to what you are inspired to do, who you are inspired tobe. Your answers are waiting for you to pay attention – every moment!

“…focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”
— Greg Anderson


How To Make a Soul Cake for Samhain

Soul cakes were traditionally baked as a gift for the spirits of the dead. In many European countries, the idea of “Souling” became an acceptable alternative for Christians. The cakes took many different names and shapes. In some areas, they were simple shortbread, and in others they were baked as fruit-filled tarts.



Today’s Recipe: Chef John’s Best Halloween Recipes

Chef John’s Halloween recipes are a real scream! From zombie meatloaf to meringue ghosts, these creations are so deeply, deeply disturbing to behold but so delightfully delicious to devour. Whip up a few for an impressive and irresistibly tasty Halloween.

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Magical Correspondences for Samhain (Sow-wen)

Samhain means “Summer’s End” and is the old Celtic New Year. During this time the veil between worlds is at it’s thinnest and thought to be the start of Winter.

Names: Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Halloween, Feast of the Dead, Feast of the Ancestors

Colors: Black, Brown, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Purple, Scarlet, White

Deities: The Goddess as Crone, Bast, Ishtar, Baba Yaga, Anubis, Cernunnos, Herne, Loki, Odin Osiris, The Morrigan, Hecate, Lilith, Kali

Herbs, Plants, Incense: Acorns, Apples, Bay, Fern, Flax, Heather, Marigold, Mullein, Myrrh, Oak Leaves, Patchouli, Pumpkins, Rosemary, Sage, Sandalwood, Straw

Sacred Stones: Amber. Bloodstone, Carnelian, Fossils, Obsidian-Black, Onyx, Smoky Quartz,Turquoise

Activities: Dumb Supper, Making recipes that have been handed down, Divination, Ancestor Altars

Symbols: Pumpkins, Indian Corn, Gourds, Bones, Black Cats, Autumn Flowers and Leaves, Pine Cones,

Food and Drink: Apple Cider, Dark Wines, Apples, Pumpkin, Squash, Turnip, Pomegranates, Root Vegetables

Spellwork: Divination, Endings, Honoring the dead, Releasing bad habits, Banishing, Past life,, Protection

Trees: Apple, Beech, Blackthorn, Locust, Witch Hazel, Yew

Animals: Bat, Boar, Cat, Cow , Dog, Owl, Crow, Raven


30-Days of Samhain 2020: Day Nineteen

The Gift of My Ancestor
A Tarot Spread for Samhain

Samhain is ripe with potential for honing your psychic skills and divination plays nicely as a tool of fine tuning. There are many tools that can be used for divination, but Tarot is one that is at the very top of the list in versatility and access for learning. Today, I am offering a specially created Tarot spread to be used to seek answer to a query you have for an ancestor.

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