The Perfect Flow: Cat’s Angel Message for January 18, 2021

The Perfect Flow: Cat’s Angel Message for January 18, 2021

 January’s Theme: Stay focused on your desires and not your fears or past happenings. Our thoughts are ready to manifest into reality and by staying focused on what’s positive we lessen the power of the things that we fear.


Through balance we achieve the perfect flow of energy. ~Cat


118: The Universe is asking us to perform a balance check today. This is a reminder that doing this regularly is always in our best interest and is an important part of our self-care routine. Remember that there is a fine line between giving and receiving and tipping the scales in either direction causes imbalance. By giving away too much of ourselves stress levels skyrocket and we become drained and tired. If we receive or take too much from others, not only do we drain them but our energy changes from positive and loving to needy and greedy. If you find that you are tipping the scales in either direction take the time to ground and center then make the adjustments to free up and even out your energy flow. This will help to open the doors to new things that you might miss out on otherwise. Remember, staying balanced means that you have more energy to create your dreams and goals.

Today’s Spirit Helpers include:

Archangel Uriel helps us to let go of the past and invite essential new growth into our lives. He helps us to find harmony in the things going on around us and reminds us that letting go is essential for change and transformation to take place. Today is a good day to simply touch base with him, ask for help if needed or simply express gratitude for the blessings taking place in your life.

The Ascended Master Buddha is our go-to guy when we feel “wobbly’. He teaches us that the key to happy living requires moderation and balance in all things. This includes the important balance between giving and receiving. When we are balanced we find that inner peace is ours!

The Roman Goddess Venus teaches us to truly appreciate ourselves. She says “You must put loving self care first. By doing so you become confidently empowered and fully connected to your own divine nature.”

Today’s Sacred Stones include:

Chrysanthemum Stone can help to remove obstacles from our path. Since obstacles tend to pop up during periods of change, this stone promotes the harmony and the balance we need to help our forward progress

Nebula Stone. This energetically unique stone resembles the night sky. It allows you to see the value of the things around you and helps you to appreciate what you have while promoting gratitude toward yourself and others.

Zincite helps to remove energy blocks which gets our life force flowing, which aids our manifestation process. It also restores our energy when it becomes depleted by giving away too much of ourselves to others.

Blessings for a magickal day! Cat

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