Blessed Imbolc: Cat’s Angel Message for February 2, 2021

Blessed Imbolc: Cat’s Angel Message for February 2, 2021

February’s Theme: Trusting in the “unseen” and believing in yourself puts you on the path to manifesting your dreams and goals. Our keywords are “I CAN”.


Lady Brigid, help me to kindle my sacred spark and warm the seeds in my care! ~Cat


22: Good Morning my Little Seedlings, today is Imbolc, Candlemas, the Festival of Light. The Universe is asking us to embrace the faith we have in ourselves and in the new beginnings, this faith brings. Imbolc is a time of renewal and our number for today is one power and purpose. Just like the first signs of spring we push towards the light in an effort to grow. As we reach towards this light our faith empowers us to find fulfillment in achieving our dreams and goals. Don’t force to make things happen. This is another lesson that we can learn from nature. Grow with purpose yet allow things to unfold. By doing so we achieve an overall sense of balance which restores us to harmony. Take time today to reaffirm your faith and where you are on your path as you move into this new cycle. Open your mind and heart and guide your thought seeds toward the light.

Today’s Spirit Helpers include:

The celebration of Imbolc honors the Celtic goddess Brigid. This Triple Goddess of flame and light helps us to purify ourselves and our thoughts. She also promotes inspiration, creativity and the fertility needed to help our thought seeds grow and flourish. She tells us “Today we begin a journey towards the light. Gather the seeds that you have collected and choose the ones that best represent your path. Tell me of your dreams and desires as you plant your seeds within your heart and mind and allow fire and light to fill you. Hope and optimism shine like the sun and like the sun they hold powerful energy. This energy will help you find your way as you nurture the seeds in your care”

Archangel Ariel helps us to embrace our own divine magick which strengthens our manifestation process. Since she works with the earth and environment (nature angels and sprite too) she can help those unfamiliar with the Sacred Feminine work connect with her

The Ascended Master Maitreya (Laughing Buddha) helps us to find peace and harmony through laughter, this gives us a clear perspective and keeps our energy flowing. He tells us that laughter is sacred and when the heart is alive with joy we are connected to the Infinite and filled with Nirvana-essence. Center your mind with the intent of enjoying yourself and you will find yourself centered in the moment. Enjoy what life has to offer and enjoy the process!

Sacred Stones associated with Imbolc include the following:

Amethyst helps us to make decisions by promoting common sense and spiritual insight. It also enables us to set realistic goals and sets us on the road to personal achievement. This crystal is a powerful protector and helps to shield us from unwanted energies while dispelling anxiety and fear. It helps the thought process by providing focus and clearing the way to good decision making.

Bloodstone gives us the ability to adapt to the changes that are taking place more easily. It strengthens our intuition and promotes good decision making. It gets our creativity flowing and infuses our being with courage and vitality.

Carnelian is used for motivation and increased creativity. It teaches us to trust in ourselves and helps us find creative solutions to current issues as it boosts self-esteem and invites us to embrace our personal power while promoting positive life choices which enhance our ability to draw new forms of prosperity and abundance.

Blessings for a magickal day! Cat

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