The Magickal Herbs of Mid- Summer

The Magickal Herbs of Mid Summer

Fairy Offering: Sprinkle Sage or Vervain mixed with tobacco around =our garden as an offering to the elementals and fairies who help things grow.

Chamomile:This sun herb can be used to protect your home from dark powers.

Chickweed:This love herb can be used to attract or improve a relationship.

Chicory: This sun herb is used to over come obstacles, and win the favor of important people.

Cinquefoil: Use this herb for protection, purification and for abundance.

Delphinium (larkspur):Use this herb to gain selfless skills of leadership. If you gaze at the Mid Summer fire through a bouget of delphinium it is said to strengthen your eyes.

Dogwood:This herb is used for protection.

Elderflower: This fairy flower can be used in wish fulfilment spells and blessings of people, places and things. This is a sacred fairy tree and it is said the Elder Mother, a powerful dryad who lives in the Elder, will haunt any person who cuts down her trees. The stems of this tree plant are used to make panpipes and if you stand or sleep beneath an Elder you will see the King of the Fairies and his court go by.

Fennel: Use this herb in the Mid Summer bonfire and if you hang it in your some it will bring health and protection.

Lavender: Use this herb in the Mid Summer bonfire as an offering to the Lady =nd Lord. It can be used in love spells to attract men and if placed in the home promotes joy, peace, and healing.

Male Fern: This plant is said to attract women. It also brings luck and if you =urn it indoors it will bring rain.

Meadowsweet: This fragrant plant is used for bridal bouquets and in love spells.

Mugwort: Crowns of this plant were traditionally made and worn at Mid Summer. It is the protective herb of travelers and works against fatigue, wild animals, evil spirits and sunstroke. Made into tea it is said to bring prophetic visions and can help with scrying. Use the tea to cleanse mirrors and crystal balls.

Pine: Use for peace.

Rose: Traditional herb for love.

St. Johns Wort: This herb is picked at Mid Summer and dried over the Mid Summer fire. It is a powerful protective plant that help keep evil from your home. The scent of this plant will cause evil spirits to flee. It is the custom in Brittany to pray and ask for permission to harvest this plant. It is always picked with the left hand. With your white handled knife loosen the dirt around the plant and then pull the whole thing from the ground. The roots should be intact. This herb symbolizes the dismemberment of the god and considered a sacrifice.

adapted by Cat from A Druids Herbal For The Sacred Earth Year by Ellen Evert Hopman

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