Mabon /Autumn Equinox/ Harvest Home Correspondences

Mabon /Autumn Equinox/ Harvest Home

September 22, 2022

Colors: All shades of red, gold, brown, rust

Deities: All harvest deities, Earth Mother/Sky Father, Persephone, Epona, Greenman, Mabon

Symbols: Acorns, dried flowers, pine cones, chrysanthemums, Ferns, ivy. Cornucopia, Indian Corn, Grapes, and Grains.

Food & Drink: Wine, ground veggies (potatoes, onions, etc), beans, squash, and multi-grain bread

Herbs: Marigold, sage, myrrh, honeysuckle, rose, sweetgrass

Sacred Stones: All yellow stones, Lapis, multi-colored agates

Mabon Activities: This is such a beautiful season to go outside! Take some nature walks and collect pinecones, acorns, colored leaves, and interesting seeds and pods for decorating your home and altar. Other activities include making gourd rattles, harvesting from your garden, sharing your garden’s abundance with others, fill your bird feeders with treats for your avian friends. Most of all, count your blessings. Have everyone in your family make a list of all the things they are thankful for and then read them aloud. I will also include my favorite activity…” feeding the trees”. We share a drink of apple cider or wine with our trees.

Mabon (pronounced May-bon, May-bone, May-bun, May-bawn) is celebrated at the time of the Autumn Equinox on or around September 21. This festival marks the completion of the harvest begun at Lughnasadh. It is named after the Celtic god Mabon. Other names for this Lesser Sabbat include Harvest Home, Festival of Dionysus, The Feast of Avalon, Mea’n Fo’mhair (druid), Winter Finding (Norse), Equinozio di Autunnio (Strega).

On this day, day and night are again equal and time holds its breath as the Dying God gets ready to leave his physical body and begin the great journey to the Summerland. He sees this as the last great adventure of renewal and rebirth. The Goddess who is drowsing in the waning warmth of summer feels her love getting ready to depart as well as the new life growing in her womb.

The threefold theme for this Sabbat is Balance- Gratitude- Reflection. This is also a time of balance not only within nature but within ourselves and our lives. On the great wheel, Mabon is balanced by Ostara. It is traditional to clean the unnecessary clutter from your home and life as well as blessing the thresholds of your house. Look back on everything you have done in the past year and with your life. Congratulate yourself on your accomplishments and make note of the areas you need to improve upon. Give thanks to the Lady and Lord, yourself, and to everyone who has helped to get where you are on this day! This is a wonderful time to do spells of balancing in preparation for the time of reflection that will be coming up at Samhain.

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The Celtic Tree Month of Vine: September 2nd to September 29th

The Celtic Tree Month of Vine or Muin runs from September 2nd to September 29th

I dreamed this mortal part of mine
Was metamorphosed to a vine,
Which, crawling one and every way…
from Robert Herrick’s “The Vine”



The month of Vine is the bridge between the Autumn Equinox and the dark time of the year that begins at Samhain. Muin is an Ogham word that means highest of beauty and strongest of effort and the Irish word Muine means thicket.

Vine symbolizes emotion and sensuality and represents the clinging aspirations of artists and of poets. Vine refers to specifically to the Grape Vines. In mythology, the grapevine is personified in the God Dionysus or Bacchus, who brought the art of winemaking to mankind. Carvings of this god show him with an ivy wreath upon his head and his body covered with grapes and leaves. As such he resembles the GreenMan of the Celtic traditions. In Pagan/Wiccan traditions the five-pointed leaves are sacred to the Goddess as is the spiral growing pattern of the vines themselves.



This is not a tree but more like a shrub and is probably the oldest cultivated plant in the world. It is a long-lived plant and scientists have found fossilized grape leaves that date back 40 million years! These vines have large lobed leaves and produce small whitish flowers, that in turn produce grapes. Vine can grow up to 115 feet in length and live to a recorded life span of 600 years. The stem of very old grape vines has been known to produce “planks” 15 inches wide when cut. This vine has no uses other than winemaking.

In healing, the vine is known for its restorative and regenerative powers. It can help with fever, the leaves and seeds were used to stop hemorrhaging, bleeding, and inflammation. Grapes are rich in iron, and vitamins and provide an excellent source of instant energy. They are also a laxative and a diuretic. Blackberries were used by the ancient Greeks to treat gout. In England, the leaves were used to treat burns while berries were used to treat bug bites, loose teeth, and sore throats. The bark and roots are known for their astringent properties and are still used today.



Vine is female and is ruled by the moon. It can be used to promote prosperity, fertility, and mental powers and can be used in garden magick. Ritual uses include celebrations, grounding and faery magick. Use the leaves of this plant to enhance your own goals and ambitions. Vine is also one of the nine sacred woods burned at Beltane as a symbol of joy.

Vines’ properties are as follows:

Thistle: Protection, strength, exorcism, hex breaking
Blueberry: Spirituality, protection, and dream magick
Grape: Garden magick fertility, prosperity/money, and binding
Blackberry: Protection, healing, and prosperity

To dream of grapes/blackberries is a sign of abundance, if the leaves are green then success is coming your way and if you are harvesting the berries your income will be a good one. To dream of walking through a vineyard foretells of prosperity.

Here is a recipe for Vine Moon Tea (good for use in Earth magic, sex magic, and overcoming difficulties):
1 part blackberry
1 part dandelion
splash of currant wine or Grape juice
pinch of hibiscus



Vine people have high personal standards and tend to be natural socializers and well-organized. They also have well-developed instincts and an eye for detail however this can become an issue as they can be highly self-critical. They are also secretly romantic and sensitive. Vine people have a dual personality and can be happy one minute and down the next. It is important for Vine people to learn the importance of balance between giving and receiving.

To choose Vine as a magickal name can indicate that you are a climber and have great potential. You are willing to work hard to achieve what you want.

Deities: Dionysus, Osirus, Branwen,Brigid, Danu, Freya , Hathor, Bacchus, Dagd, Etain.
Animals: White swan, eagle, lizard, hound
Sacred Stones: Blue beryl and emerald

written by CatSister 2010
The New Book of Magical Names by Phoenix McFarland
Cunninghams Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs
Whispers from the Woods by Sandra Kynes

Beltane/Mayday Correspondences

maypole by sans5

Beltane ( Bell- tayn)
Starts on The evening of April 30th, concluding at sunset of May 1st

Greater Sabbat

This Sabbat is also called: Cetsamhain (opposite Samhain), May Day, Fairy Day, Sacred Thorn Day, Rood Day, Roodmas (the Christian term for Rood Day, Old Beltane, Beltaine, Beltain, Beltane, Walpurgis Night, Florida (Roman feast of flowers from April 29 to May 1), Walpurgisnacht (Germanic-feast of St. Walpurga), Thrimilce (Anglo-Saxon), Bloumaand (Old Dutch)

Correspondences for Beltane

Activities and Rituals:
fertilize, nurture and boost existing goals, games, activities of pleasure, leaping bonfires, making garlands, May Pole dance, planting seeds, walking one’s property, feasting, making May Day baskets, and giving them to friends

Red, White, Brown, Pink, Green

Emerald, Malachite, Amber, Carnelian, Sapphire, Rose Quartz

Symbols & Decorations:
The Maypole, bonfires, flowers, trees, plants, plows, cauldrons of flowers, broom

Dairy, bread, cereals

Flowers, Herbs:
Lily of the valley, foxglove, rose, broom, hawthorn, dittany of crete, elder, mint, mugwort, thyme, yarrow, almond, tree/shrub, clover, ivy, marigold, meadowsweet, rowan, sorrel, woodruff

Aphrodite, Artemis, Bast, Diana, Faunus, Flora, Maia, Pan, the Horned God, Venus, and all Gods and Goddesses of fertility.

Swallow, dove, swan, cats, lynx, leopard

bonfire by john-p

The Beltane Fire

The lighting of the Beltane fire is one of the most widely known Celtic traditions for this Sabbat. On May Eve (April 30) people would put out their hearth fires, then on Beltane (May 1) they would relight them from the celebratory bonfires. The dousing and relighting of the hearth fires were done on each of the fire festivals not just Beltane as according to druid lore.

The Beltane bonfires were lit as a symbol of the return of the sun for the summer half of the year. Nine sacred woods were used to start the fires and each wood has its own magickal properties. The names of the wood to be used appears in the song versions of the Witches Rede, while the shorter versions contain the first sentence.

“Nine woods in the Cauldron go, burn them fast and burn them slow.
Birchwood in the fire goes to represent what the Lady knows.
Oak in the forest, towers with might in the fire it brings the God’s insight.
Rowan is a tree of power causing life and magick to flower.
Willows at the waterside stand ready to help us to the Summerland.
Hawthorn is burned to purify and to draw faerie to your eye.
Hazel-the tree of wisdom and learning- adds its strength to the bright fire burning.
White are the flowers of Apple tree that brings us fruits of fertility.
Grapes grow upon the vine giving us both joy and wine.
Fir does mark the evergreen to represent immortality seen.
But – Elder is the Lady’s tree burn it not or cursed you’ll be.”

When the fires were lit the people would gather and the dancing would begin. They would dance around the fires, spiraling in and out. The next custom involved jumping the bonfires this would ensure a successful growing season and a prosperous summer. according to Druid lore, the men would jump first, followed by the women. Lastly, the herd animals would be driven through the embers for protection and purification.

Oak~ symbolizes the God and male energy
Birch~ symbolizes the Goddess and female energy
Rowan or Mountian Ash~ Symbolizes life
Hazel~ symbolizes wisdom and knowledge
Willow~ symbolizes death and the otherworld
Hawthorn~ symbolizes fairy magick and purity
Vine~ symbolizes happiness and joy
Fir~ symbolizes birth and rebirth
Apple~ symbolizes family and love

The sacred Beltane fire can also be made in your altar cauldron and you would only need a few chips or shavings from each of the 9 woods. Since not everyone has access to wood chips let alone 9 different kinds, you could use herbs instead. Choose herbs that correspond with each of the woods needed. Believe me, the Lady and Lord understand and will smile upon your effort!

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March Full “Storm” Moon

March Full “Storm” Moon
March 18, 2022  12:17 am PST/ 1:17 am MST/ 3:17 am EST

If March comes in like a lion, it will go out
like a lamb.
If March comes in like a lamb, it will go out
like a lion.

-old weather saying

This month’s moon is called the Storm Moon (medieval England), probably due to the fact that March is known to have some major storms caused by earth changes brought about as spring approaches. The weather saying above is an old one and you have probably heard someone use at one time or another. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac ” Some skywatchers believe that there’s a heavenly connection. The constellation Leo, the lion, is rising in the east at the beginning of March, hence the “comes in like a lion,” while Aries, the ram, sets in the west at the end of March, and so “will go out like a lamb.” Other names for this moon are Fish Moon (Colonial America), Sleepy Moon (China), Windy Moon (Cherokee), Big Famine Moon (Choctaw) When Eyes Are Sore From Bright Snow Moon (Dakota), Moon of Winds (Celtic), Palolo Worm Moon (New guinea), Full Sap Moon ( for tapping the maple trees), Full Crow Moon (the northern Indian tribes said that the cawing of the crows meant winter was ending), and the old settlers called it the Lenten Moon and considered it the last full moon of winter.

The Storm Moon of March is the herald of Ostara, Spring, and new beginnings. Winters snow will soon give way to spring rain. The first of the seasons’ new growth is already showing, the days are longer and the Sun is climbing higher in the sky. So too are we experiencing new beginnings and growth. The time has come to clean and prune away the old debris that keeps us from moving forward. This much-needed inner spring cleaning provides us with a new outlook and helps us to bloom, even during difficult times. Magical workings, meditations, and healing should focus on personal growth and rebirth during this moon.

To enhance your endeavors wear the colors of spring, greens, yellows or lavender and adorn yourself with aquamarine, bloodstone, quartz crystal, or jade. Use the scents of honeysuckle and apple blossom to create springs essence of hope and vibrancy to your altar, home or workspace.

Bright Blessings! Cat

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November’s Full Beaver Moon : 11-19- 2021

November’s Full Beaver Moon
12:57 am PST/ 1:57 am MST/ 3:57 am EST/

After Samhain we enter the dark period where the seasons seem to slow down. It was during this time that the ancient people readied themselves for the coming winter. The last harvest was over and they prepared their final provisions and made their homes as winter-proof as possible.

Other names for this month’s moon are: Beaver Moon ( Colonial. Farmers Almanac says this was the last time to set beaver traps before the ponds froze over, however, the beavers themselves were making ready for the winter just as the people were!) White Moon (China), Trading Moon (Cherokee), Sassafras Moon (Choctaw), Moon When Horns Are Broken Off (Dakota), Dark Moon (Celtic), Snow Moon (Medieval English), Tree Moon (Neo-Pagan), Fog Moon, Frosty Moon, Full Frost Moon, Hunter’s Moon.

November’s moon also honors dark goddesses like Kali, Hecate, and Bast. Use purple candles for your Full Moon observance and burn Full Moon Incense of anise, lavender, and rosemary or single blends of patchouli or mugwort. This is also a good time to cleanse and charge your moonstones, just place them on a windowsill during the night of the full moon.

It is a time of mourning as we join the Goddess in remembering her love who has gone on to the Otherworld. But is also a time when we must also remember that all periods of mourning DO come to an end. The Crone is now the womb and will become the Mother in about six weeks’ time. While the “outer growth” is slowing down, we find it a good time to work on inner growth. While the Earth Mother rests it is a good time for tying up the loose ends in our lives. Let go of what no longer serves us and say farewell to bad relationships and habits. It is also a time of contemplation when we can strengthen our personal connection to the Divine Source.

To celebrate this full moon try wearing colors in grays or blues and adorn yourself with lapis lazuli, turquoise, moonstone, or topaz.

November’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Is a Once-In-a-Thousand-Years Event
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October’s Full Hunters/ Blood Moon

October’s Full Hunter’s/ Blood Moon

October 20, 2021

7:56 am PST/ 8:56 am MST/ 10:56 am EST

The October Full moon is sitting in Aries and is opposite Mars and squares with Pluto.. Astrologically this will be a challenging moon that reminds us to stay in control of ourselves and stay out of power struggles . Use this moon to help clear up miscommunications with others.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac actually calls October’s moon the Hunter’s Moon, where pagan almanacs call it the Blood Moon, both are correct. The reference of the Hunter’s Moon is very similar to the Harvest Moon as work or in this case hunting could be done into the evening hours due to the brightness of the moon itself. However, the name Blood Moon has nothing to do with hunting. Like Septembers Harvest Moon the debris in the earth’s atmosphere (like dust, smoke etc.) cause the rising moon to appear reddish , thus the name Blood Moon.

Other names for this moon are the Shedding Moon, Falling Leaf Moon, Hunter’s Moon, White Moon (China), Harvest Moon (Cherokee & Celtic), Blackberry Moon (Choctaw), Moon When Quilling & Beading Is Done (Dakota).

From the beginning of October until Samhain the veil between our world and the spirit world becomes thinner. The Blood Moon is the perfect time to begin decorating your altar for the upcoming Sabbat or creating an Ancestor Altar. Use autumn flowers and seed pods, indian corn, pumpkins and gourds, pictures of departed loved ones, acorns and nuts, bones or apples and pomegranates to help set the tone. Divination is also at it’s best from now until Samhain as is contacting departed loved ones. Dreams are another thing to pay close attention to at this time. The information may be come in clearer and stronger than it does at other times of the year. This is also a time of spiritual growth. It is time to finish harvesting and take stock of our labors from the past year. Discard what no longer serves you to make room for the new ideas and thought forms that will begin germinating in the coming dark season.

To help bring the magic of this full moon into your day try wearing dark colors, blue, purple or black and ornamenting yourself with sacred stones like amethyst, obsidian or even tourmaline. The Blood Moon is a powerful and magical time use it wisely and enjoy the benefits.

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August Full Corn Moon August 22, 2021

August Full “Corn” Moon

August 22, 2021: 5:01 PST/ 6:01 am MST/ 8:01 am EST

The Old Farmer’s Almanac calls this moon the Sturgeon Moon because the Native people of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain knew this was the best time to catch these big fish. The lake sturgeon is the largest fish in North America and were at one time abundant in the lakes and rivers. I have also seen it called the Barley Moon or Corn Moon as this moon is also associated with grain and the rebirth we celebrated at Lughbasadh.

Other names for this moon are Dog’s Day Moon (Colonial American), Harvest Moon (China), Fruit Moon (Cherokee), Women’s Moon (Choctaw), Moon When All Things Ripen (Dakota), Dispute Moon (Celtic), Lightning Moon (Pagan).

Carry the harvest theme over into your magickal workings for the day. What can you sacrifice (harvest) today that will help you in the future. Make a list of the things that you are ready to sacrifice in this cycle. Spiritual and physical health are also good areas to work on at this time.

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Sacred Stones: carnelian, sardonyx, garnet, red agate, red jasper and tigers eye both gold and red.

Sacred Herbs & Flowers:: chamomile, poppy, basil, rosemary, rue, gladiolas, sunflower

Deities: Hecate, Mars, Hathor, Thoth

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July’s Full Buck Moon (7-23-21)

July’s Full Buck Moon

Friday July 23, 2021

7:36 pm PST/ 8:36 pm MST/ 10:36 pm EST

The Farmer’s Almanac calls this moon the Buck Moon because this is the time when bucks grow new antlers. Other names for this full moon are Thunder Moon, Summer Moon (colonial ), Hungry Ghost Moon (china), Ripe Corn Moon (cherokee), Crane Moon (choctaw), Moon of Claiming (celtic), Mead Moon (Medieval English), Rose Moon, Blessing Moon (pagan).

The Buck Moon is a good time for divination, dreamwork and prosperity magick. The laid back energy of this moon also works well for meditation, so kick back and enjoy the feeling of the things you have accomplished this far. Add a little something extra to your magickal workings by using July’s herbs hyssop, lemon balm, mugwort, catnip or leaves from ash or oak trees.

You can also celebrate this months moon by wearing the colors blue-gray, silver or green and adorning yourself with moonstone, pearls, opals or a simple white agate.

July’s full moon will be sitting in the sign of Aquarius so we may be experiencing irritation and fatigue. Each Zodiac sign will handle this differently . Check out this article from InStyle to see what this means for you. Read more....

Full Moon Blessings!


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The Magickal Herbs of Mid- Summer

The Magickal Herbs of Mid Summer

Fairy Offering: Sprinkle Sage or Vervain mixed with tobacco around =our garden as an offering to the elementals and fairies who help things grow.

Chamomile:This sun herb can be used to protect your home from dark powers.

Chickweed:This love herb can be used to attract or improve a relationship.

Chicory: This sun herb is used to over come obstacles, and win the favor of important people.

Cinquefoil: Use this herb for protection, purification and for abundance.

Delphinium (larkspur):Use this herb to gain selfless skills of leadership. If you gaze at the Mid Summer fire through a bouget of delphinium it is said to strengthen your eyes.

Dogwood:This herb is used for protection.

Elderflower: This fairy flower can be used in wish fulfilment spells and blessings of people, places and things. This is a sacred fairy tree and it is said the Elder Mother, a powerful dryad who lives in the Elder, will haunt any person who cuts down her trees. The stems of this tree plant are used to make panpipes and if you stand or sleep beneath an Elder you will see the King of the Fairies and his court go by.

Fennel: Use this herb in the Mid Summer bonfire and if you hang it in your some it will bring health and protection.

Lavender: Use this herb in the Mid Summer bonfire as an offering to the Lady =nd Lord. It can be used in love spells to attract men and if placed in the home promotes joy, peace, and healing.

Male Fern: This plant is said to attract women. It also brings luck and if you =urn it indoors it will bring rain.

Meadowsweet: This fragrant plant is used for bridal bouquets and in love spells.

Mugwort: Crowns of this plant were traditionally made and worn at Mid Summer. It is the protective herb of travelers and works against fatigue, wild animals, evil spirits and sunstroke. Made into tea it is said to bring prophetic visions and can help with scrying. Use the tea to cleanse mirrors and crystal balls.

Pine: Use for peace.

Rose: Traditional herb for love.

St. Johns Wort: This herb is picked at Mid Summer and dried over the Mid Summer fire. It is a powerful protective plant that help keep evil from your home. The scent of this plant will cause evil spirits to flee. It is the custom in Brittany to pray and ask for permission to harvest this plant. It is always picked with the left hand. With your white handled knife loosen the dirt around the plant and then pull the whole thing from the ground. The roots should be intact. This herb symbolizes the dismemberment of the god and considered a sacrifice.

adapted by Cat from A Druids Herbal For The Sacred Earth Year by Ellen Evert Hopman

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May’s Full “Flower” Moon

May’s Full “Flower” Moon

May 26, 2021
4:13 am PST/ 5:13 am MST/ 7:13 am EST

“Dancing midst the flowers beneath the full moon’s light,
the wee folk tend the gardens on this soft spring night.”

“On the breeze their laughter floats and magic fills the air,
unveiling natures treasure, her gifts with you they share.” ~Cat 2008

May is the time when flowers seem to be everywhere and is most likely why the Native Americans called this months full moon the “Flower Moon”.

This full moon keeps the spring theme of new beginnings and fertility rolling. Everywhere you look there is new growth. This is a great time to sow seeds in both your outdoor and inner gardens. Career, finance and prosperity are good areas to concentrate on for new beginnings. This month which started with the fire sabbat of Beltane is still keeping things burning. Lust, passion and renewed vigor put a bounce in our step as we move toward the new things this moon has to offer.

To celebrate this fiery month and full moon, wrap yourself in reds, oranges and yellow or wear warm stones like amber ,garnet and ruby. Take special care to nourish your inner garden this month. If you set intentions or thought seeds for yourself last month, remember to take steps to help them grow and move forward.

On a very light note, I have been “asked” to remind everyone that brings out the garden fairies! This Full Flower Moon is a wonderful time to welcome the “Wee Folk” in your home and yard. This is a great activity particularly for children. Leave gifts of pretty stones, crystals, shiny beads and other glittery objects in your flower beds and planters. Hang small decorations in your trees and shrubs. The Fae appreciate gifts and love to be remembered!

Full Moon Blessings! Cat

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