Intuitive Service: Cat’s Angel Message for December 9, 2021

Intuitive Service: Cat’s Angel Message for December 9, 2021

December’s Theme: It’s time to replace the old and outdated and welcome in new opportunities and blessings. This is the season to receive the good things the Universe has in store!


Helping others is easy when your heart is guided. ~Cat


Today’s Message: Intuitive Service

 129:  Today’s message revolves around “service” to others. While some people do big things in a big way most of us do small things in small ways. No matter which category you fall into both will make a difference to the people around us. It’s really not how much you do but what you do that matters. Simply by helping just one person, you are making a difference and it creates a chain reaction as people pass it on. Ways of being of service vary just like our paths do so never let someone else tell you your way of doing it, or path for that matter is wrong. If you need Divine clarification or help ask for it and be open to receiving an answer. Use your intuition as a guide as it will always lead you in the right direction. You know what you need to do and when so if it feels right then go for it!

Today’s Spirit Helpers include:

Archangel Zadkiel teaches us that true compassion and healing lies in our ability to forgive ourselves and others. This is essential to the letting go and letting it be processes as it allows our hearts and minds to make room and teaches us to just breathe and embrace compassion which in turn makes room for new growth. This is one of the best self-healing practices and gifts that we can give ourselves.

The Ascended Master Mother Mary provides us with all forms of healing. She surrounds us with her gentle energy and helps to fill our hearts with love as she imparts feelings of peace and safety as she gently heals the dark, hidden places within while showing us the path that leads to compassion and forgiveness which are essential to healing ourselves and helping others. She helps to fill our hearts with peace and love and helps everyone regardless of path or religion.

The Egyptian Goddess Nuit (Nut) represents the sky and the cosmos. She is a mother goddess, a life-giver. She teaches us the importance of nurturing those in our care with patience and love. As a cosmic goddess she reminds us of our divine place in the Universe and while we may feel small and insignificant the truth is far different. She says” Rejoice in your own power. It is love and patience that allow you to shape the world and make you a creator in your own right. You do not need to have born a child to be a mother this essence lives within all. Embrace it and send it to those around you.”

Today’s Sacred Stones include:

Angelite helps us to connect to the angelic realms by enhancing our lines of communication. It is also a good stone for healers as it strengthens attunement and perception.

Charoite is a stone of transformation. It helps to open our hearts to the concept of unconditional love and brings those energies forward. Charoite enhances our perception and helps to ground our spiritual nature into everyday reality and helps us to see ways we can be of service. This stone can be used to reduce stress and worry as it helps us to overcome fear. 

Fuchsite helps us to understand our personal interactions with others, particularly in the areas of basic life concerns. It teaches self-worth and how to do what is necessary to get others moving in the right direction without doing everything for them.

Blessings for a magickal day! Cat

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Look To Your Dreams: Cat’s Angel Message for April 12, 2020

daily Angel Message sms

Look To Your Dreams: Cat’s Angel Message for April 12, 2020

April Theme: We are being challenged to change ourselves, the way we think and the way we do things. You have the power to make things happen and the Universe is on your side.

I Dream with Powerful Intention. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

412:  Dreams can be a powerful tool for solving problems. If you remember your dreams make note of them or write them down ( or at least what you remember) then look for answers in the symbolism. Ask yourself the following questions:

* Who was there with me?

*Where was I in this dream?

*What was I /we doing?

* What stood out? (feelings, colors, animals, places people, etc)

Examine the information and see how it pertains to what you are going through. The dreams that we remember vividly always correspond to people and situations that are impacting our life and there are always lessons to learn and personal knowledge in them. You can ask the angels or archangels to assist you in your dreams. They are more than happy to help clear away negative or pessimistic thoughts and feelings. You have the power to help and heal yourself so use it to your best advantage!

Today’s Spirit Helpers include:

Archangel Jeremiel is in charge of life reviews/changes, visions and dream interpretations. He can help you see everything that you have accomplished recently as well as the areas that need attention and helps us to let go of what we no longer need. He teaches us that by taking inventory of our lives we gain clear perspective of where we are on our path, which in turn helps us to make positive life changes. He removes our fear of change and what the future holds and replaces them with a sense of expectant excitement.

The Ascended Master Vywamus helps all Lightworkers. He teaches us that change can be an opportunity to heal. He encourages us to continuously and consciously seek inspiration through the discovery and rediscovery of our own natural abilities and talents. If something is holding you back let it go and continue forward.

The Inuit Goddess Sedna helps us develop our intuition through the Dreamtime, you can connect with her in or around water. (bath or shower works) “Look to your dreams to guide you. They will show you things you missed while your mind was busy and active”

Our Sacred Stones for today include:

Smoky Quartz can help you to interpret and find the meaning of your dreams.

Celestite helps you remember your dreams.

Ulexite brings an understanding of and clarity to the dreams we remember.

Lapis Lazuli helps to enhance the work we do in the Dreamtime. it also protects us and promotes contact with our spirit guides.

Kyanite helps us to remember our dreams and promotes healing in the Dreamtime.

Blessings for a magickal day! Cat

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Using Our  Gifts:  Cat’s Angel Message for March 24, 2018 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Using Our  Gifts:  Cat’s Angel Message for March 24, 2018 

 March Theme:  This month guidance is coming from the Ascended Masters. Find what defines you and use it to inspire others. Free your creative side and share your ideas and gifts.


 We have a choice – we can both think and feel, using our heads and our hearts. – Yakov Smirnoff

324:  The more we work with the angels and the ascended masters the stronger our connection with them becomes. The angels/ascended masters send us messages every day. It’s our job to allow ourselves to be open to receiving them. Our own intuition works the same way, the more we listen to it the greater our faith in ourselves becomes. Today we are being asked to be open to communication on all levels. If you’re not sure of a message ask for clarification. Never be afraid of the message or an answer, and even if it’s not what we wanted to hear it is sent with love and the desire on the angels part to help us be our best!

You can call upon any Archangel or Ascended Master at anytime for assistance. A few specific ones include Archangel Haniel who helps us to access our intuition and our other unique gifts and Archangel Michael  helps us by promoting courage confidence. The Ascended Master Maitreya helps to bring joy and laughter to our lives. He teaches us that these things bring greater clarity and a new perspective.

Technically any stone or crystal that is special to you can be used to connect to the Divine realms so use your favorite one today, or you can use Angelite, Apophyllite or Celestite to connect to the angels or Moldavite for the Ascended Masters. If you are still undecided Rose Quartz is always a good choice!


Bright blessings for a magickal day!


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