Thought For The Day: July 31, 2018 “Similarities or Differences”

Happy Tuesday,

It seems to me that to many people are focusing on the differences between individuals when we should be looking for similarities and common ground. On a core level we all want the same things like peace, happiness, freedom etc. By coming together we create a stronger more unified world and by celebrating and accepting our differences we add the sparkle and spice that makes the world a unique and wonder-full place.

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Thought For The Day: Sept. 26, 2017 ” Being Curious”

Happy Tuesday,

People have become more judgemental lately, we see and read about it everywhere. When did we start judging everyone and everything, when did that become okay? When did we stop being curious enough to ask ” Why do you feel or think, that way?” and then really listen to the answer. While we will never agree on everything it’s important to remember that there is always more than one side. Curiosity means that we have more information which provides understanding. Understanding means that even if we can’t completely agree with where another is coming from,  we may be able to find common ground. Common ground helps to build a starting point from which good things can grow.

Daily Thought

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Thought for the Day: June 12, 2017

Happy Monday & Welcome To a New Week! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, we did a little fishing and spent the day at one of our favorite lakes.

Our ability to communicate with others plays an important role in all areas of our lives. It touches everything from our jobs to our relationships. But there comes a time when we realize that our communication skills don’t work with all people. We all see things from different perspectives and draw upon different life lessons and experiences. This is what makes us unique. A difference of opinion doesn’t make someone wrong and in most cases it’s just what they have seen from life. I have found that the best way to deal with this is look for a common thread and use it to weave a line of communication. Look to your own experiences as well because it may just give you the common ground to build something better.




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