Service To Self: Cat’s Angel Message for January 9, 2022

Service To Self: Cat’s Angel Message for January 9, 2022

 January’s Theme: Stay focused on your desires and not your fears or past happenings. Get ready to manifest thought into reality.


You must help yourself first in order to really help others. ~Cat


Today’s Message: Service To Self

19: Helping ourselves and being of service. These two things are often connected because as we help ourselves we are also helping those closest to us.  Being of service does not always mean offering time, and energy to the community or to the world. The truth is that before we can help others was must first be willing to help ourselves and that it is through our own actions that we find ourselves leading by example. This shows others that positive changes can be made. It provides inspiration to those who need it and that every day whether we are aware of it or not, we have the ability to make a difference in someone’s life. Today the angels are reminding us that they are here to help and are asking us to share our optimistic glow while projecting good vibes to those around you.

Today’s Spirit Helpers include:

Archangel Zadkiel teaches us that true compassion and healing lie in our ability to forgive ourselves and others. This is especially helpful when we endeavor to lead by example. It is through forgiveness that we gain insight into what assistance will be beneficial to ourselves and others.

The Ascended Master Mother Mary provides us with all forms of healing. She surrounds us with her gentle energy and helps to fill our hearts with love as she imparts feelings of peace and safety as she gently heals the dark, hidden places within while showing us the path that leads to compassion and forgiveness which are essential to healing ourselves and helping others. She helps to fill our hearts with peace and love and helps everyone regardless of path or religion.

The Chinese Goddess Kuan Yin, who embodies compassion and mercy says, “You are a beautiful soul and have so much to offer. I can guide you on the path of self-love and help you to embrace the confidence you need to free your mind, heart, and spirit. Be gentle with yourself. Joy comes from embracing the simple things which will free the energy needed to assist the creation process and help others along the way.”

Today’s Sacred Stones include:

Chalcedony brings mind, body, spirit, and emotions into harmony by calming fear, anger, or self-doubt. It also promotes good feelings towards self and others.

 Deep blue Lapis Lazuli helps to open the Third Eye Chakra (mind’s eye) and stimulates our personal power. It also harmonizes our energies on all levels as this balances and strengthens our knowledge of self. It also helps us to confront the truth of a situation and promotes acceptance of the lesson involved. It promotes clarity and helps us express our opinions in a positive manner and teaches us the value of being an active listener which can be important in the letting go process.

Morganite (aka Pink Beryl) to bring awareness to emotional needs or feelings that remain unfulfilled. It helps us to express them so that we can begin the healing process.

Blessings for a magickal day! Cat

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Life Is Too Short For Stress: Cat’s Angel Message for April 6, 2018 

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Life Is too Short For Stress: Cat’s Angel Message for April 6, 2018 

 April Theme:  We are being challenged to change ourselves. You have the power to make things happen and the Universe is on your side.

 Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can’t change. Life’s too short to be anything… but happy. – Anonymous

46:  Today’s world can be a stressful place. One filled with changes and energies that impact us as well as our loved ones. Today we are reminded of the April Theme of challenges and change. When we feel overwhelmed by what life throws our way, big or small,  take a moment to just breathe and then ask our Angels for help. Our Spiritual Helpers want what best for us and can help us with the things that bring peace to ourselves and to our loved ones. Part of the challenge is our willingness to help ourselves. Our helpers can’t do it all for us so we need to do our part to assist the angels by getting our stress levels down, yoga, meditation, dance and letting go of things that no longer serve our highest good . Letting go of stress allows us to reclaim our power and infuse our lives with new energy!

Archangel Zadkiel teaches us to hold compassion for ourselves and for others. This can help to reduce our stress levels, the Greek Goddess Iris, Lady of Rainbows, helps us to find the calm in the storm. She is the bringer of hope and she gently surrounds us with an all will be well energy,  and Laughing Buddha (Maitreya) helps us to keep our sense of humor during difficult times. He teaches us that being able to laugh reduces stress and creates positive flow.

Our Sacred Stones for today include Moss Agate which can help to replenish and refresh your soul and to release fear and deep seated stress and Chrysoprase to relieves stress as it promotes hope and draws our attention to more positive events.


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