Thought For The Day: June 1, 2021 “Welcome To June”

Happy Tuesday,

Welcome to June! It’s a new month which means a new beginning and a new cycle. The Summer Solstice is right around the corner….. so what magick do you want to create?

June Correspondences

Nature Spirits: Sylphs & Zephyrs
Herbs: Dog Grass; Meadowsweet; Mosses; Parsley; Skullcap; Tansey& Vervain
Colours: Orange & Golden-Green
Flowers: Lavender; Orchid & Yarrow
Scents: Lily of the Valley & Lavender
Stones: Topaz; Agate; Alexandrite & Flourite
Trees: Oak
Animals: Monkey; Butterfly; Frog & Toad
Birds: Wren & Peacock
Deities: Aine of Knockaine; Bendis; Cerridwen; Green Man; Ishtar;Isis & Neith
Power Flow: Decision Making; Prevent; Protect; Reward; Strengthen;Taking Responsibility; Time of Light

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Full Strawberry Moon: June 9, 2017


June 9, 2017 Full Moon at 9:10 am EST

The Strawberry Moon

The Old Farmers Almanac calls this moon The Full Strawberry Moon. The name comes from the Algonquin tribes of the Eastern US and honors the ripening of the wild strawberries or “heart berries”. They are considered one of the “fruits of love”. There is a Cherokee tale that goes like this;

Long ago, the Great Spirit made First Woman and First Man. They soon became husband and wife and everything was good. Then one day something bad happened and they began to argue, angry words were spoken and feelings were hurt. First Woman grabbed up some of her belongings and said that she was leaving and would find somewhere else to live. First Man was angry too and at first did not follow. After a while he regretted his harsh words and went after her to apologize. But she was so far ahead that he could not catch her.

He called upon the Great Spirit for help. “Answer me this” replied the Great Spirit “Is your soul one with hers?” “Yes!” First Man answered, “it has been sine you first breathed life into us!” Seeing the man’s grief the Great Spirit took pity upon him and did his best to slow First Woman down. He created bushes full of tempting berries that grew at her feet as she walked. Gooseberries, Service Berries, Huckleberries and Blackberries, but the woman kept walking and paid no attention. The Great Spirit was suddenly struck with an idea. He went into his garden and grabbed up some strawberry plants and threw them to the earth. The little plants landed at First Woman’s feet and began to bloom and then came the berries! The bright red berries drew her attention and she stopped to taste one and one led to another. As she ate the berries her anger was forgotten and suddenly she longed for her husband. Rummaging through her things she found a basket and filled it with berries.

First Man was hurrying along the path when suddenly he saw First Woman coming toward him and smiling. he never got to apologize, his wife popped a strawberry in his mouth and taking his hand…. led him home.

This  full moon will be sitting in Sagittarius and positive energy abounds. If you need a miracle or help in a legal matter then this is a great time to ask for assistance. Money magick, wisdom and accessing ancient knowledge is also part of this moon’s energy. It’s also  a good time for workings that maintain or enhance what you already have. (jobs, relationships, home garden) Do a little for yourself as well by wearing warm colors like yellow, orange or gold to brighten your outlook. You can also wear, meditate or work with stones like Topaz which will recharge and align the meridians and Agates that helps  to ground as it stabilizes the aura. However you celebrate the full moon remember to let its energy rejuvenate your heart and spirit.

Full Moon Blessings to All!

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