Something Marvelous: Cat’s Angel Message for September 5, 2019

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Something Marvelous: Cat’s Angel Message for September 5, 2019

September’s Theme:  Why are we here is a question that we often ask ourselves, and this month we will be exploring our purpose.

Anything I can not transform into something marvelous, I let go. – Anais Nin

95:  This month is all about discovering and working with our Life Purpose. Even if we don’t know what our “purpose “is the clues that provide those answers are there. Many of the clues we need can be found in the changes that either just show up or that we initiate for ourselves. These changes happen through the clearing process of letting go of outdated thoughts, feelings, people and things. Letting go tells the Universe that we are ready to move forward and continue our growth cycle. Remember that without change we don’t grow and it is through growth that our Life Purpose comes into focus. Today the angels are telling us that the time has come to embrace the changes that we have been working on or putting off. It is it time to step up and start creating the life you want and acknowledging what really fills your spirit to the fullest!

Archangel Jeremiel is reminding us that concern about change is normal. Ask him to help you to see your path clearly and to assist you in taking the necessary steps to embrace your future. The Ascended Master Vywamus teaches us that change can be a healing opportunity. This happens as we allow ourselves to let go of things that have held us back. Along the way, we unearth talents that we had set aside, which will help us to move forward. And, the Yoruban Goddess Oya helps us navigate the winds of change. ” My child change must be embraced, not ignored or simply put up with. Allow these changes to inspire and encourage you to transcend your self imposed limitations.”

Our Sacred Stones for today include:

Chiastolite (aka Cross Stone or Andalusite) promotes the creative problem solving process. It enables us to release things that are no longer relevant to our current path and dispels any guilt we may have when we leave things behind. It helps us to make the necessary changes and brings harmony to conflicts that arise when we blaze new trails that others were not expecting or able to control.

Black Obsidian not only protects it also helps to bring negative energy to the surface where it can be dispelled and provides support during times of change. It takes the “things” that we’ve hidden and composts them into positive soil to support out new growth.

Sunstone brings personal empowerment and fights procrastination. It brings out our natural optimism, self confidence and promotes our natural flow of abundance as it soothes our fear of change and the accompanying stress that change can bring.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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Climb & Seek: Cat’s Angel Message for May 23, 2019


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Climb & Seek: Cat’s Angel Message for May 23, 2019

May’s Theme: This month brings changes into your life. While change sometimes feels scary, it is a necessary thing for our overall growth. Be willing to embrace it and allow it to happen naturally and get ready for better things!

When we tire of well-worn ways, we seek for new. This restless craving in the souls of men spurs them to climb, and to seek the mountain view. – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

523:  We have divine assistance on our side in the form of the Universe and it’s helpers. While this assistance is important it is more so when we are going through problems or changes. Many are experiencing major life changes and the angels are offering this message of encouragement. ” We are here to help you , please don’t be afraid of what is taking place in your life. It is through times of change that your purpose and mission are revealed. These changes also bring you great blessings that open new doors and help you create the life you want!” Today’s message is all about embracing change with an attitude of excitement and expectation. Continue to work in your inner garden to make room for new growth. Above all remember to have faith in yourself and the universe. Let yourself explore as you embrace your confidence and find new ways of being and doing.

Archangel Chamuel provides help with all relationships, including the one we have with ourselves. A strong relationship with our self helps to make our journey through change smooth and successful. The Ascended Master Saint Germain guides us through the process of making room for new things. His gentle presence helps us to keep going when things get tough and gives us the courage to meet new challenges. And the Greek goddess Hecate teaches us about the importance of change. She helps us to release the past and the old things that keep us from moving on and how to accept change and transition. She tells us: ” I am the guardian of the crossroads. Remember that to move ahead you must face your fears and release the past. Change and circumstance are inviting you to choose a path. It is your choice so make the one that is best for you.”

Our Sacred Stones for today include the following:  is Eulite (Hypersthene) which helps us to find solutions to problems (large and small) that get in our way and attempt to hold us back. It will also make seeing the answers and solutions easier by stopping the need to overthink or overly critical thinking. Yellow Jasper helps provide clarity on mental and emotional levels. It also starts us in a positive direction while helping us to find realistic and workable solutions and Ametrine, a combination of amethyst and citrine, helps to release blocks like negative emotional programing. It also encourages growth while helping us to explore all possibilities and find creative solutions.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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Cat’s Morning Bits for October 26, 2018


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Cat’s Morning Bits for October 26, 2018

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


Delicious autumn!
My very soul is wedded to it,
and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth
seeking the successive autumns.

-George Eliot (1819-80)


Spiritual Unite: Light Grey Cat Description – Innocence And Childhood

There’s no denying that cats have a special place in our hearts, but did you know that the cat is the only animal whose fur colour is attached to its metaphysical meaning? The light grey cat has a full covering of light grey fur, which can be long or short. Usually, these cats don’t have socks, but if they do


Daily Good: The Bee Guardian

Honey bees have been around for millions of years, and contribute to about one third of the food we eat worldwide. But they are facing enormous challenges, just like the rest of us on the rapidly changing planet we call home. In 2017, bee keepers in the United States lost 40% of their colonies. However, backyard beekeeping is something simple anyone can do. Watch this uplifting video and learn about “Bee Guardians;” backyard beekeepers whose main vision is providing safe habitats for bees to thrive and maintain their genetic diversity.


Elephant Journal: 6 Sufi Beliefs that can bring us Closer to Harmony in these Tough Times.

In the Sufi tradition, we begin community gatherings with the Invocation.
Standing hand in hand, speaking into the space in unison brings us together and reminds us why we gather. In the second line of the Invocation, we invoke the qualities of love, harmony, and beauty. I feel a tingle up my spine and a resonance within my heart hearing the power behind the words as the group speaks as one.


MNN: These pet portraits poke a little fun at humans
Belinda Richards enhances this image series with a wink an

Belinda Richards took a great leap eight years ago. After “yet another teary drive to work,” she quit the job she hated and enrolled in college, earning degrees in photography and fine art.


EarthSky News: Wayward moon receding from Earth

From 1969 to 1972, Apollo astronauts left laser reflectors on the moon’s surface, enabling astronomers to measure the moon’s distance from Earth with great accuracy. Although the moon’s distance from Earth varies each month because of its eccentric orbit, the moon’s mean distance from Earth is nonetheless increasing at the rate of about 3.8 centimeters (1.5 inches) per year. That’s about the rate that fingernails grow

Patheos-Pagan: Welcoming The Witches’ New Year With The Moon

There’s lots of talk about Samhain being the Witches’ New Year, but little is known about the origins of this association. The evidence that annual rents were paid on this day shows us that there was some acknowledgement that this was the beginning of a new year, but that is a terribly weak connection to anything witchy.


Inner Journey: 


“When I grip the wheel too tight, I find I lose control.”
— Steve Rapson

WE SEEK TO CONTROL OUR LIVES WHEN WE DO NOT TRUST, WHEN WE DO NOT LOVE. Our ego, perceiving itself to be vulnerable and insecure, uses control in an effort to protect itself.

At the root of our need to control, we find FEAR. It may be fear of the unknown. Fear of not coping. Fear of loss. Or possibly even fear of looking stupid. And as our efforts to control other people and events invariably fail, our fear increases.

Trust, on the other hand, is a quality of the soul. While control is a tool of the mind, TRUST AND FAITH ARE ASPECTS OF THE HEART. Trust comes with the deep knowing that we are spiritual beings in physical bodies. When we trust enough in life to give upour need to control, we can relax and open to the flow of energy in our lives. This brings peace of mind.

“The only real security in life lies in relishing life’s insecurity.”
— M. Scott Peck

“Do not abandon trust when your ego thinks things should be different than they are.”
— Wayne Dyer

A Note from the Universe

First, choose from the options that thrill you.

Then, choose the ones that also teach you.

And from these choose the scariest.

Butterflies in your tummy are good,

The Universe


Magical Correspondences for Friday

Intentions: Love, Pleasure, Affairs of the Heart, Romance, Marriage, Sexual Matters, Physical Beauty, Friendship and Partnerships, Strangers, Peace, Healing, Beauty, gentleness and Women’s Issues.

Incense: Strawberry, Sandalwood, Rose, Saffron, Verbena and Vanilla
Planet: Venus
Sign: Libra and Taurus
Angel: Ariel
Colors: Green, Pink, Aqua
Herbs/Plants: Pink Rose, Ivy, Birch, Heather, Clematis, Sage, Violet and Water Lilly

Stones: Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Pink Tourmaline, Peridot, Emerald and Jade
Oil: (Venus) Cardamom, Palmrosa, Rose, Yarrow, Apple Blossom, Musk, Ambergris

Goddesses: Astarte, Aphrodite, Erzulie, Aida Wedo, Eve, Venus, Freya, Diana, Aset [Isis], The Witch Of Gaeta, Chalchiuhtlique

Daily Wisdom
October 26, 2018


“To err is human; to forgive, divine.” -Alexander Pope

I’ve heard this quote dozens of times, but I never knew who said it! We are spiritual beings living in human form. We are capable of all things divine – and prone to all things human. We make mistakes. We mess up, we blow it – and sometimes stupidly, too. But the divine in us knows that this is all a part of the process, that we are growing and learning and finding our way every day. When we forgive ourselves, and others, we are tapping into that pure potential of divinity within each one of us.

-Lissa Coffey


Beliefnet: A Guide to Making Lasting Changes in Your Life
Try these psychologically-proven methods of permanently changing your habits.

They say people don’t change, but author Sean Young’s upcoming book, “Stick With It,” examines the science behind doing just that—and making it stick.

Read more…………….

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Changing  A Life: Cat’s Angel Message for April 25, 2018 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Changing  A Life: Cat’s Angel Message for April 25, 2018 

 April Theme:  We are being challenged to change ourselves. You have the power to make things happen and the Universe is on your side.

 Sometimes all it takes to change a life is to decide which beliefs do not serve you and to literally change your mind about those beliefs. – Joy Page

425: As we head towards the end of the month we are being asked to review our April theme: “We are being challenged to change ourselves. You have the power to make things happen and the Universe is on your side.” Changes require courage and our spiritual helpers are gently reminding us that we are not alone. They are here to help with any changes that you are going through.

 You have grown enough to do what is necessary to make to make your life  better. Their message today is  “Never be afraid of change. Embrace it and it will embrace you.  Don’t fight these changes that are taking place as they are what you need to continue your growth cycle.”


The Welsh Goddess Cordelia and the Yoruban Goddess Oya  can both help us to meet life’s changes with courage and excitement. They ask that we try to find a new perspective about what lies ahead. Archangel Sandalphon is the job planner who listens to your requests and prayers and sends the angel or master best suited to assist you if you don’t know who to call on and Ascended Master Maitreya teaches us how to use the power of laughter when dealing with change. By not taking things so seriously we are able to find new avenues that will make change easier to manage.

Our Sacred Stone for today is Green Calcite. This stone allows us to dissolve rigid beliefs and outdated programming. It promotes mental balance, aids in communication and gently helps us to let go of the things that no longer serve us.


Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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