Thought For The Day: January 2, 2018 “Keep Reaching”

Happy Tuesday,

Our thought for the day is perfect to start the new year. It reminds us  to keep looking for the next adventure that life has to offer and to keep growing. Open up and reach for the light. Don’t close yourself off, that’s how we become hardened to life, love and the world.  Hardened souls expect nothing except the worst. They miss out what life has to offer and their negative emotions continue to drag them down.  So listen up my  little seeds……. reach for the light, reach for life and reach for adventure!


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Thought for the Day: May 24, 2017

Happy Wednesday, we’ve made it to the middle of the week! As my dad use to say “It’s all downhill from here.”

Do you remember when happiness was finding a dandelion seed puff? You made a wish and then blew the seeds off, sending your wish out into the Universe. Our thoughts are much like those  dandelion seeds.  Each thought is a wish that is carried on divine winds until it finds the right soil in which to take root. Some seeds take root right away, while others take longer because they need the right “nutrients” to activate the growth cycle. Keep sending out those thought seeds and don’t become discouraged if things don’t happen immediately.  The Universe will not hand you something you’re not quite ready for so when the time is right they will grow and soon you will have a garden of blessings!




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