Thought for the Day: May 22, 2017

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

Life is about learning and the lessons that we learn are the things that help us to grow.  Some lessons are easy and painless while others keep reoccurring causing us heartache and grief. Our thought for the day reminds us that we will be faced with the same lessons over and over until we learn what it’s trying to teach us. We can spend copious amounts of time making the same mistakes or we can gather our courage and move on. We have to remember that not everything can be changed or fixed and it’s okay to move on. It requires great courage on our part to acknowledge this, to look that lesson in the face and say “Thank you for teaching me what I need to know and I am a better person for this knowledge.” There are always choices, so allow a new path to open for you and create the life you have envisioned.


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