Thought For The Day: Oct. 12, 2017 “Know-It-All’s”

Happy Thursday,

Our thought for the day is more like a mini rant, so I apologise ahead of time. But hey this has been on my mind so here we go……..  Know it all: We all know at least one person who fits this description, I know I do.  These people have done it all, seen it all, and know what best for everyone, they love to use big words to make themselves look important and they love to micromanage others. The easiest way to annoy a know it all is to ignore them. Of course that sends them running to someone else whining about how people don’t listen to them. The truth is that no one  ever knows everything.  Life is an ongoing series of lessons and we learn new things all the time. Part of learning involves listening and there are many positive ways to give advice to others. It’s all in the attitude my friends.

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