Thought For The Day: Dec. 14, 2017 “Creating Your Best Self”

Happy Thursday,

There is an important lesson to be found in today’s quote. We can all find at least one irritating thing about the people we know. But why do these things bother us? If we take the time to examine the irritations, and be honest with ourselves, we most often find that what irritates us about others are things that we ourselves are guilty of as well. Talking too much, lack of compassion, being a know-it-all, being self absorbed, bragging and one upmanship, I think you get the idea. By being honest with ourselves and acknowledging these things in ourselves we gain a better understanding and tolerance of others. If we don’t like something about ourselves we can work to change it. Striving to be a better person can help us teach through example. Be an inspiration to others as well as yourself!


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