Thought For The Day: March 7, 2019 “It’s A Cop Out”

Happy Thursday,

How many people do you know that have  said ” It’s just the way I am and others have to accept that.” This is often a manipulation tactic and  a form of emotional abuse. “That’s just the way I am” is a cop out statement. it boldly states ” I don’t care about you because it’s all about ME and you catering to me.” The TRUTH is that others do not have to accept it. Everyone is capable of making changes that will make themselves a better person. The fact is that not everyone wants to be a better person and the blunt refusal to even acknowledge harm to themselves or to others is easier than stepping up and saying “Wow. I don’t like myself when I say that, do that or act  like that, and I can do better!” While it may not be easy why risk losing something or someone important to you?

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