Cat’s Morning Bits for November 27, 2018

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Cat’s Morning Bits for November 27, 2018

Good Morning Beautiful Souls, grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


I didn’t know I was grateful
for such late-autumn
bent-up cornfields
yellow in the after-harvest
sun before the
cold plow turns it all over into
-Bruce Weigl (b. 1949)


Spirituality & Health: Healthier Holiday Drinks

Fa la la, it’s eggnog season! And merlot at the office party season. And an Old Fashioned for Christmas Eve dinner season. There’s an awful lot of cocktail opportunities coming up in December, and while it’s fine to enjoy in moderation, many libations have a ton of sugar, carbs or artificial chemicals. This week, I went in search of options for raising a class in a way that won’t trash a vibrant diet, and where possible, are nicer to the planet.


Daily Good: The Japanese Words for “Space”

“Thinking about spaces in a more “Japanese” way can open up new ways of organizing our lives and focusing on the relationships that matter to us. Building spaces that deepen relationships (wa), generate new knowledge (ba), connect to the world around us (tokoro), and allow moments of quiet and integration (ma) can enrich our experience of the world and that of those around us.” Instead of thinking of space in terms of surroundings, the Japanese consider what is going on between people in terms of interactions and relationships.


Did You Know?​​​​​​​

A single snowflake is known as one of the most delicate and miniscule items in the world. However, the largest measured snowflake was a whopping 15 inches wide.


Elephant Journal: Emotional Flexibility is the New Yoga.

Life can seem like a wild and unpredictable roller coaster ride when emotions are running high.
We search for emotional stability in a world of ups and downs, but it can be tough to pencil “serenity” into a chaotic schedule. Many of us really want to incorporate peaceful practices like yoga into our week as stress management, but it’s not always possible.


MNN: 20 amazing facts about feathers

Some 400 billion birds share the planet with us, each with its own abundant coat of feathers. Far, far too many to count. Perhaps even harder to fathom is the wealth of plumage colors, patterns and shapes that spring from Mother Nature’s artistry. Check out this mind-boggling variety of feathers.


EarthSky News: Venus brightest late November and early December

In late November and early December, 2018, the dazzling planet Venus will be shining at greatest brilliancy in the morning sky. Venus is always the 3rd-brightest celestial object, after the sun and moon. Even so, Venus’ brightness now – at maximum – is some 2 1/2 times greater than Venus at minimum brightness.

Patheos-Pagan: The Lesson of Mercury in Retrograde

Surviving Mercury in Retrograde always feels like such an accomplishment. Even if you are not fully aware of the time period of this retrograde, you start noticing when all the debris starts piling up. These past few weeks have been filled with a litany of things going wrong, missed chances, snafus in communication, technology slowing down or failing completely.


Inner Journey:


“Ordinarily, everything we do is in our self-interest. Everything.”
— Anthony de Mello

“Remember, most of the things you think you need are ego trips designed to bolster your image and your perception of security…. You’ll waste a lot of energy satisfying your ego only to find that, as soon as it’s got what it wants, it ignores all your efforts and promptly nails another list of demands to your forehead. The ego will always try to force you to slave for its vision. I wouldn’t stand for that BS if I were you.”
— Stuart Wilde

“We have no need to teach pure motives to the mind. All that is necessary to make the mind pure is to undo the negative conditioning to which it has been subjected; then we will be left with pure, unconditioned awareness.”
— Eknath Easwaran

A Note from the Universe

I dreamt of us last night.

You were wearing your rabbit PJ’s again.

And we were wondering about the consequences of a role reversal. You know, me as you and you as me, for a day or so.

But you were right. I keep forgetting to hop… and you keep forgetting that the entire world is spinning in the palm of your hand.

Hop, hop –

The Universe

Today’s Recipe: Butternut Squash Rolls

These rolls are light, fluffy, and very buttery tasting. So much better than store bought rolls. My sister made them for Thanksgiving a few years ago and I just had to have the recipe. They’re also a great way to sneak vegetables into my carb loving toddler.

Magical Correspondences for Tuesday

Intentions: Courage, Destination, Physical Strength, Revenge, Military Honors, Surgery and the Breaking of Negative Spells, Matrimony, War, Enemies, Prison, Vitality and Assertiveness

Incense: Dragon’s Blood, Patchouli, Lignum Aloes, Plantain

Perfumes: Hellebore, Carnation, Patchouli
Planet: Mars
Sign: Aries and Scorpio
Angel: Samuel
Colors: Red and Orange
Herbs/Plants:Red Rose, Cock’s Comb, Pine, Daisy, Thyme and Pepper
Stones: Carnelian, Bloodstone, Ruby, Garnet and Pink Tourmaline
Oil: (Mars) Basil, Coriander, Ginger

Goddesses: Aset [Isis], Soorejnaree, Pingalla, Anna, Aine, Danu, Yngona, Bellona, Aida Wedo, Sun Woman

Daily Wisdom
November 27, 2018


“Time and space are only forms of thought.”

-Edith Nesbitt

“Measure, time and number are nothing but modes of thought or rather of imagination.”
-Benedict Spinoza
Whether analog or digital, clocks and watches are man-made inventions. We follow along, agreeing to the certain standard measurements of time, when it is really only a perception of what has transpired. When we understand that there is no such thing as time, we will stop running out of it. We have all the time we need. Just as we have all we need in every area of our live, if we’d only recognize it!

-Lissa Coffey


Beliefnet: 6 Hacks to Heal a Broken Heart

Regardless of what path life takes there are times when we experience sadness and heartbreak. This is part of the human condition. Whether it is caused by the betrayal of a friend, a break up of a relationship or shattered dreams, the emotional toll can weigh heavily on us. Heartbreak involves processing the difficult emotions of loss and grief while often facing a significant life change

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