Cat’s Morning Bits for September 18, 2018

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Cat’s Morning Bits for September 18, 2018

Good Morning Beautiful Souls!

Grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean
And the pleasant land.

Thus the little minutes,
Humble though they be,
Make the mighty ages
Of eternity.

–Julia A. Fletcher (1823–1908)


Spiritual Unite: 9 Powerful Ways To Harness Positive Energy Into Your Life

Ah, positive energy  the foundation of conscious living and mindfulness. Personal transformation, emotional balance, and holistic happiness are just some of the things that start with positivity. However, life often gets in the way of positivity, doesn’t it? Getting cut off in traffic, impatience, losing our tempers These are just some of the many minuscule occurrences that get in ….


MBG: How To Make Ink From Foraged Plants & Objects — AKA Our New Go-To Fall Activity

This story is excerpted from the new book Make Ink: A Forager’s Guide to Natural Inkmaking by Jason Logan, published by Abrams.

I am often asked what exactly ink is. It’s not paint—which is a liquid color used mainly for creating images or covering surfaces. What distinguishes ink from other art supplies is its use as a tool for communication. People have been leaving marks with berries, burnt sticks, or colored rocks since the dawn of humanity


Daily Good: Laura Grace Weldon: Four Poems

In the poem “Earthbound,” author Laura Grace Weldon describes the perfection that exists right before us at the same time we are looking elsewhere with desires and whims. A proponent of “free range learning, creative living, gentle encouragement, big questions, and occasional drollery,” Weldon is skilled at illuminating sources of hope in everyday places and people. This group of four poems from Moon magazine shares the inspiration found all around us–in women, nature, heroes, our breath


Elephant Journal: The 7 Chakra Personality Types & how we can Appreciate their Gifts.

Do you sometimes judge others?
I don’t mean the kind of judgment that you express outwardly, to someone in the moment.
But do you judge people behind their back?



EarthSky News: Moon sweeps near Saturn and Mars September 17 to 19

On September 17, 18 and 19, 2018, use the waxing gibbous moon to locate the planets Saturn and Mars. These two worlds look like bright stars, and they are easy to see with the eye alone. Mars is the brighter of the two, its ruddy color contrasting beautifully with the golden hue of Saturn.

Patheos-Pagan: Halegmonath: the “Holy Month” of Mabon

By linking together the astrological significance, mythology, and historical observances surrounding the festivals of Modern Paganism’s Wheel of the Year; one is able to discover deeper insights and intriguing connections linking the esoteric concepts that comprise the unique flavor of each sacred day of observance. Mabon, despite the modern origins of its nomenclature has significant connections with the ancient myths of Pagan cultures across Europe.


Inner Journey:


Everything in life holds both a blessing and a curse. We deny this when we label the events of our lives as either good or bad. The following old Zen story illustrates this lesson most effectively.

A farmer had a horse but one day, the horse ran away and so the farmer and his son had to plow their fields themselves. Their neighbors said, “Oh, what bad luck that your horse ran away!” But the farmer replied, “Bad luck, good luck, who knows?”

The next week, the horse returned to the farm, bringing a herd of wild horses with him. “What wonderful luck!” cried the neighbors, but the farmer responded, “Good luck, bad luck, who knows?”

Then, the farmer’s son was thrown as he tried to ride one of the wild horses, and he broke his leg. “Ah, such bad luck,” sympathized the neighbors. Once again, the farmer responded, “Bad luck, good luck, who knows?”

A short time later, the ruler of the country recruited all young men to join his army for battle. The son, with his broken leg, was left at home. “What good luck that your son was not forced into battle!” celebrated the neighbors. And the farmer remarked, “Good luck, bad luck, who knows?”

“Do not judge, and you will never be mistaken.”
— Jean Jacques Rousseau

A Note from the Universe

What if I told you that your every conflict, disappointment, struggle, or challenge with others and yourself, was merely a manifestation of what’s going on within your own thinking. Would you go there first to fix, mend, and allay?

Yeah, you might miss the drama.

The Universe


Today’s Recipe:  Beetroot Lemonade

This delicious, pretty, red lemonade is made from grated beets, fresh lemons, agave nectar, and water. Give it a try; you will be pleasantly surprised.

Magical Correspondences for Tuesday

Intentions: Courage, Destination, Physical Strength, Revenge, Military Honors, Surgery and the Breaking of Negative Spells, Matrimony, War, Enemies, Prison, Vitality and Assertiveness

Incense: Dragon’s Blood, Patchouli, Lignum Aloes, Plantain

Perfumes: Hellebore, Carnation, Patchouli
Planet: Mars
Sign: Aries and Scorpio
Angel: Samuel
Colors: Red and Orange
Herbs/Plants:Red Rose, Cock’s Comb, Pine, Daisy, Thyme and Pepper
Stones: Carnelian, Bloodstone, Ruby, Garnet and Pink Tourmaline
Oil: (Mars) Basil, Coriander, Ginger

Goddesses: Aset [Isis], Soorejnaree, Pingalla, Anna, Aine, Danu, Yngona, Bellona, Aida Wedo, Sun Woman

Daily Wisdom
September 18, 2018

“Solitude gives birth to the original in us, to beauty unfamiliar and perilous – to poetry. But also, it gives birth to the opposite: to the perverse, the illicit, the absurd.”

-Thomas Mann, Death in Venice

To appreciate solitude we need space and time. We need space to be by ourselves and time to enjoy our own company. And from there we can experience silence, and go beyond space and time! Here there are infinite possibilities for us; here is where we find inspiration and creativity. Here there is peace, and joy, and bliss.

-Lissa Coffey


Beliefnet: 7 Ways to Get Your Point Across So Others Hear You
Have you ever had something important to say, but you felt as if no one was paying any attention?

Read more………………..

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Cat’s Morning Bits for March 22, 2018

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Cat’s Morning Bits for March 22, 2018

Good Morning, grab a cup of your favorite morning brew and start things off with “Today’s Inspirations”. I hope you find something here that will make you feel good or help you on your path today.

Blessings, Cat


Spanning the winter’s cold gulf with an arch,
Over it, rampant, rides in the March.

Constance Fenimore Woolson (1840-94)


Mind Body Green: How Being In The Forest Actually Boosts Immunity

New research, like the Journal of Adolescent Health study that found that teens who have more access to green space tend to be happier, continues to reinforce the idea that humans are intricately connected to the natural environment. Our entire body is constantly communicating and acting in tandem with our surroundings. But how can something as simple as spending time outside possibly make us healthier? Let’s dive into the science.

Read more…………………..


Beliefnet: Spring into Spring

As seasons change, so do we! Each season brings new beginnings and a clean slate. It’s amazing that the weather can have such a huge impact on our lives but the weather can influence our attitude. So this spring, ditch your brrr -titude and embrace the sunny skies and spring forward with a positive outlook to take you into summer.

Here are seven ways to spring into spring this season.

Read more at Read more……………..


If you’re familiar with the term, “Mercury retrograde,” odds are you don’t have good feelings about it. “Oh, no, not again!” is the usual reaction to learning that one is coming up.

Take heart! It doesn’t mean the sky is falling. Mercury retrograde is not a freak occurrence, much less the end of the world. It’s a regular phenomenon that happens three or four times a year. We can’t stop it, but we can understand and work with it .Read more……………


A Bountiful Moment

There is a solution to every problem

Daily Thought: Every problem encountered will go through stages to resolution. 1. The problem occurs and appears as overwhelming and insurmountable. 2. The problem becomes less chaotic and devastating and more about the solution. 3. A solution is thought about and a plan is developed. 4. The solution is acted upon. 5. The problem becomes less relevant the status quo returns. Always remember no matter what the problem is there is always a solution.

Daily Practice: Make sure you don’t get stuck or that you are not stuck in a problem cycle. Look at your daily functioning and life situations and determine if you have become stalled without implementing a solution to a problem. Make sure you are always moving forward in your life momentum whether the problems you encounter take one plan of action or multiple plans to overcome.

Have a Great Day and Believe in Yourself!

Dr. Juliann (my child


EarthSky News: Mars brighter in 2018 than since 2003

Mars is getting brighter. By mid-2018, Mars will be at its brightest since 2003, when it was closer and brighter in our sky than in some 60,000 years.

Read more ……………….


Patheos-Pagan: How I Know My Paganism Is Real: 8 Key Events

Last month Jason Mankey had a post titled When You Know the Magick & Witchcraft Are Real. I liked it and decided to do my own. But instead of talking in general terms, I want to talk about the key events on my Pagan journey that progressively increased my confidence to the point that I’ve changed my foundational assumptions about the world and the way it works.

I know what I write about on this blog is real. Here’s how.

Read more at Read more……………….


Inner Journey: Contemplate Unity

“Poverty is in separatism. Abundance is in unity.”
— Torkom Saraydarian

Watch for those times when you perceive yourself to be separate from the rest of the world. When you find yourself feeling uncomfortable, threatened or isolated, remember Neale Donald Walsch’s words: “there’s only one of us in this room.”

When we perceive differences in thinking and behaving, we might remember that these are merely different expressions of the one universal life force. We can release judgment as to whether those differences are right or wrong or good or bad. We can drop the labels that divide the world into pieces, and simply appreciate the rich variety of ways that energy can manifest as form.

“If we are to achieve a rich culture, rich in contrasting values, we must recognize the whole gamut of human potentialities, and so weave a less arbitrary social fabric, one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.”
— Margaret Mead


A Note from the Universe

Never underestimate the immense importance of someone’s birthday, to that same someone, on that very day.

It’s like, really, really HUGE.

Especially when you appreciate that they chose it, probably a million years ago, surrounded by the wisest of the wise, scared to pieces by rumors of tigers, volcanoes, and cough medicine. Yet encouraged, nevertheless, by tales of romance, adventure, and… YOU.

Really. No, really!


The Universe


Today’s Recipe: Japanese Tamagoyaki

Tamagoyaki is a traditional egg dish from Japan. It’s basically a slightly sweet rolled up omelette. You can eat it with rice or on its own. The lovely part about it is the layers it creates in the rolling process. You will love this soft and scrumptious comforting treat!

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Magical Correspondences for Thursday

Intentions: Luck, Happiness, Health/ Healing, Religion, Legal Matters, Male Fertility, Treasure and Wealth, Honor, Riches, Clothing Desires, Leadership, Public Activity, Power and Success, Trade and Employment

Incense: Cinnamon,Henbane Nutmeg and Sage

Planet: Jupiter
Sign: Sagittarius and Pisces
Angel: Sachiel
Colors: Purple, Royal Blue and Indigo
Herbs/Plants: Cinnamon, Beech, Buttercup, Coltsfoot, Oak
Stones: Sugilite, Amethyst, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Sapphire
Oil: (Jupiter) Clove, Lemon Balm, Oakmoss, Star Anise

Goddesses: Juno, Hera, Kwan Yin, Mary, Cybele, Tara, Mawu, Mlaba Mwana Waresa, Ishtar, Nuit



MNN: Sometimes, a cat just walks into your life and asks to be saved

Bonds between humans and animals often begin with a need and a desire to help. Such was the case for Sophie the cat and Brian Sheppard, the manager of a car dealership in Pocola, Oklahoma.

“One of my salesmen at the dealership I operate discovered Sophie with an empty can of dog food stuck on her head. She was very thin, and lethargic,” Brian recounted to MNN in an email.

Read more…………….


About Cat’s Morning Bits: These daily post are reblogged from various email newsletters that I receive each day.

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