Thought For The Day: May 4, 2018 ” Think Before You Speak”

Happy Friday,

Today’s message asks us to think before we speak. This can sometimes be difficult. Anger doesn’t usually “just happen” . It’s been sitting there and simmering for a while.  When the catalyst is right we explode. Remember that words spoken in anger cannot be taken back. Before unleashing on someone take a moment and put yourself on pause, breathe, walk away if you have to and think about what you want to say. Even though there is sometimes no nice way to say something we can choose our words and actions to have a more positive impact while still getting our point across.



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Thought for the Day: July 18, 2017 “Just Breathe”

Happy Tuesday!

Everyday things happen, some are good and some are bad. We can become frustrated, angry or upset and these emotions change the way we think. We are a little less rational, calm or focused. Have you noticed that the bad things seem to stay with us and affect us longer than the good? I have always wondered why that is (if you know I’d love to hear it!) The best way to get back on track is take a moment to center and just breathe. As you take some deep calming breaths, remind yourself that everything will be okay, Embrace calming energy and restore focus and peace.


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