Thought For The Day: March 13, 2019 “You’ve Done Your Best”

Happy Wednesday ,

When things are difficult or when we have hard decisions to make it’s easy to get caught up in the “whirlpool of worry”, especially if you are an over-thinker. Our thought for today is a reminder that worry related overthinking causes stress and anxiety. Remember that you can’t control everything and it’s important to know when  it’s best to step back and let it rest.


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Thought For The Day: Oct. 13, 2017 “Just Breathe…”

Happy Friday,

When we encounter things that we can’t control we often fight against  them. The thing to remember is that everything happens in it’s own time. By forcing something to happen we may wind up with an unsatisfactory end result. But by  stepping back and letting things unfold naturally we can devote our time and energy to better things. Just breathe….. and enjoy your day!

Daily Thought 2

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