Thought For The Day: April 12, 2018 “Love Yourself”

Happy Thursday,
This is a message that we have seen before, however it’s one that worth repeating. We all go through times when we are filled with self doubt or even a kind of self loathing. Sometimes it’s of our own making and other times it’s due to someone else. But in the end we  usually come around and make peace with ourselves. The point is that it doesn’t matter what others think of us but what we think of ourselves does. When we accept and like ourselves it shows. It makes us confident and helps us to embrace our truth!
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Thought For The Day: March 2, 2018 “Embracing Our Strengths”

Happy Frday,

The key to success lies in self acceptance. Comparing ourselves to others is a waste of time and energy. Everyone has things that they are good at (and things that they’re not) and the key lies in making the best use of your personal strengths. Don’t sell yourself short or be stingy, you are an amazing being with a multitude of amazing qualities!

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Sacred Spirals: The place where all paths meet:

Cat’s Treasure Trove: An Eclectic Collection of Jewelry & Gifts!