Thought For The Day: Nov. 29, 2018 ” A Friendly Reminder”

Happy Thursday,

Today is just a friendly reminder that “YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON!” Give yourself a big hug and celebrate your unique and sparkling spirit.

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Keeping In Touch With Yourself: Cat’s Angel Message for February 14, 2018  

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Keeping In Touch With Yourself: Cat’s Angel Message for February 14, 2018  

February’s Theme:  Trusting in the “unseen” and  believing in yourself puts you on the path to manifesting your dreams and goals.

When you lose touch with yourself,
you lose yourself in the world.
– Eckhart Tolle

214:Today’s message is about love, it is Valentine’s day after all!. While it’s important to show love for those around you it’s equally important to show some for yourself. Today the angels are asking us to turn any fears or worries over to them and make room for some self love.  By acknowledging yourself as an awesome and amazing person (and you really are!) you are affirming that you are worthy of receiving the love and positive energies around you and being sent to you. As I said earlier this week we are quite often our own worst critics so today is your chance to jump on your own bandwagon. Be your own Valentine today and do something nice for yourself and don’t forget to give yourself a BIG hug and embrace the beautiful and divine spirit that is YOU!

 Kuan Yin is the Chinese goddess of mercy, compassion and protection. She helps us to find the kindness and compassion that dwells within us as well as teaching us that it’s okay to shower ourselves with these blessings.Archangel Jophiel teaches us the importance of slowing down so that we can enjoy the beauty that surrounds us and the beauty that is found inside, and the Ascended Master Maitreya, the Laughing Buddha,brings us peace through the power of joy and laughter. Our Sacred Stones for today are:



Rhodonite which promotes unselfish self-love and forgiveness.


Rose Quartz teaches how to love ourselves.


Magnesite stimulates the heart chakra and bring forward  the self love which is necessary before we can love others.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!


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