Thought-Faith -Action: Cat’s Angel Message for January 22, 2023

Thought-Faith -Action: Cat’s Angel Message for January 22, 2023

January’s Theme: Stay focused on where you want to go and not where you have been. Looking forward will help us to manifest our dreams and goals. When our perspective is optimisic the things we fear lose their power.


The roads to success are always open. The travel may not be easy but the destination is worth it. ~Cat


Today’s Message: Thought-Faith -Action

122: We all have the power to create good things and we come equipped with the Sacred Tools of “Thought, Faith and Action”  When we activate these gifts we are opening the door to our power as a Creator. The goal is to plant your thought seeds (intentions) and nurture them to maturity through faith and action. Today our angels are asking us to acknowledge and honor the gifts that we’ve been given. If they are a little dusty clean them off and set them to work. Stay focused on your goals and stay present as this will help you to experience new perspectives and pathways.  Remember that the Universe and the Angels are here to help when we request it. However the ultimate power is our own to control and create with.. Manifestation begins with you and as you work don’t forget to   assist others as well because the doors that open will keep the energy flowing and will create even more opportunity in its wake.

Today’s Spirit Helpers include:

 Archangel Gabriel helps us to access our inner wisdom and shows us how it can guide and inspire us. Gabriel also teaches us the importance of communication on all levels. This helps us to overcome our fears so that we can complete the things we start and achieve positive results during times of transformation and change. 

The Ascended Master Maitreya teaches us that laughter and joy are an essential part of self care and creates the positive energy we need to propel us forward. It helps us to let go stress and worry, which allows the light of faith and hope to shine through. The power of laughter clears and resets or energy field by releasing tension and emotions that have been held in check. This is an important lesson on our path, if it makes your heart sing then it’s the right direction.  

The Greek Goddess Athena embodies change and transformation through experience and learning. She  tells us. ” You are a warrior in your own right. Every day you must consciously choose the battles that you will fight so make the wisest choices you can, each choice will help lead you to discover new pieces to the puzzle and assist in your victory.”

Today’s Sacred Stones include:

Golden Ray Calcite to boost your creative thinking and to eliminate patterns of self defeating thinking. This helps to promote new and innovative ways to solve problems and move things forward.

Jade stimulates knowledge and ideas and can provide aid in problem-solving and shows us the path to reaching our goals and actualizing our dreams. It also promotes emotional balance and self-confidence as it gently dissipates negativity and brings peace on all levels. Jade  attracts both prosperity and good luck as it helps us to understand that we are spiritual beings on this very human journey we call life.

 The gentle energy of Seraphinite clears the heart chakra and helps to open us to love on all levels. It is also used to review the progress that you have made in life, and shows the changes that we need to make to best helps us on our path.

Blessings for a magickal day! Cat

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Thought For The Day; Nov. 2, 2017 “Choices-Perspective-Action”

Happy Thursday,

Our lives are made up of choices and each choice creates the reality of our existence. What we do with what life offers us is what makes our lives good or bad. Try this rule of three: Choices-Perspective-Action: Life offers us a choice. It can go either way but you choose to take the best of what’s offered and through your own actions turn it into something good. Life is a story so write the best one you can and keep editing until things work  for you!

Daily Thought

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Taking Action: Cat’s Angel Message for October 28, 2017 

AutumnAngelbyCat 2

Taking Action: Cat’s Angel Message for October 28, 2017   

October’s Theme: Divine guidance and messages. Thoughts, ideas, insights, or even warnings. These messages are important for us personally, emotionally and spiritually so work on staying open  to the information that you receive.

There’s a big difference between a handout and a helping hand. One’s charity, the other’s friendship. 

Little Joe Cartwright, Bonanza 

1028: We always hear people talk about the “Abundance of the Universe”, and I know that I mention it here quite often. While it’s true that the Universe does have an abundant supply. But the idea that it just miraculously appears for us without effort on our part is a fairytale. When good things happen, seemingly out of the blue, remember to take a look back and see what actions you took to help make them happen. The relationship between you and the Universe is a partnership. There is give and take and periods in between that require patience. The key to receiving Universal Abundance lies in our willingness to do our part, to take the steps that move us forward and make use of the opportunities that come our way. Don’t sit back and wait for things to “happen”, life will be sweeter when you get involved in your own creation.

Archangel Sandalphon is the divine messenger. He hears our prayers and requests and makes sure that they get to the angel or ascended master best suited to help us. The Hawaiian goddess Pele helps us in the setting, prioritizing and achieving of goals by tapping into what we really want not just what sounds good. Our Sacred Stone for today is Sodalite. Sodalite helps to remove old mental conditioning and outdated mindsets to create the space for new things.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!


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