Successful Steps: Cat’s Angel Message for September 16, 2020

Successful Steps: Cat’s Angel Message for September 16, 2020

September’s Theme: “What Do I Want?” This is a question that we often ask ourselves. So as we head into Autumn and the time of introspection ask yourself that very question.


Remember that success happens in steps. Embracing patience and persistence will help you handcraft each step. ~ Cat


916: Today’s message is a gentle reminder from Spirit that no matter what we do or where our path leads us that we will be just fine. Our number for today lets us know that the Universe is helping us by lighting our path with a special focus on the areas where we need a little balance. The solutions we need to resolve or make things happen lie within and our “helpers” reveal them to us in a calm and loving way. Don’t allow worry to cloud your judgement or halt your progress. Turn these things over to the Universe and do you best to let them go or put aside that which is out of your control. Ask for what you need right now, whether it’s protection, guidance, illumination or simply peace of mind. Stay focused on the best possible outcome and above all have faith in yourself and temper your thoughts and actions with compassion.


Today’s Spirit Helpers include:

Archangel Haniel showers us with stardust, illuminating our thoughts and memories so that we can remember what magickal beings we truly are, which assists us in the creation process.In turn this shows us how to receive with grace and gratitude. This process accelerates when we allow beauty and harmony to surround us. It’ helps us to enjoy ourselves which makes blessings easier to receive.

The Ascended Master Buddha is our go-to guy when we feel “wobbly’. He teaches us that the key to happy living requires moderation and balance in all things. This includes the important balance between giving and receiving. When we are balanced we find that inner peace is ours!

The Egyptian goddess Bastet (Bast) is not only associated with cats both large and small she is also a goddess of protection and of things that bring pleasure to the senses. In her role as protector she tells us “Never be afraid to stand up for yourself. Remember the importance of setting boundaries. This helps you to take control of your life”


Our Sacred Stones for today include:

Howlite helps us to formulate our plans to and achieve our ambitions and goals. It helps us to communicate these things in a calm and reasonable manner and tempers this with patience. Howlite also creates a link to the universal realms and prepares the mind to receive guidance

Pietersite (Tempest Stone) helps us to work through through beliefs and conditioning imposed upon us by others. It opens our intuitive connection and creates a link to a loving level of guidance. It also helps us see the truth and strengthen our will while increasing our focus of where we really want life to take us. It helps us to rid ourselves of negative energy and replaces it with calm.

Smoky Quartz helps to neutralize negative energy and teaches us how to work through the fear of failure which can show up during times of change and transformation. It also promotes clear insight and focus which helps us to leave behind the things that no longer serve us and make room for the blessings headed your way.


Blessings for a magickal day! Cat


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Challenges and  Distractions: Cat’s Angel Message for July 24, 2018 

daily Angel Message sms

Challenges and  Distractions: Cat’s Angel Message for July 24, 2018 

 July’s Theme: Pay attention to your path. Spirit is speaking to you so get ready to receive some important guidance. If something compels you to take action this is the time to go for it!

To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there. – Kofi Annan

724: Sometimes things happen that make it difficult to stay on our chosen path. Every day brings us new challenges and distractions (OOOoo look! Shiny!!) These distractions often come in the form of well meaning people who “just want to help”. (We all know a few of these right?) Just remember that it’s YOUR path. Be honest with yourself because  you are the only one who knows what’s best for you. If the advice you are given doesn’t mesh or is an attempt to push in a direction you’d rather not go, remind yourself that the choice is yours to make. There are also times when we question ourselves and the guidance we receive. This can happen during moments of self doubt or fear. If this happens today (or any day) take a moment to center and focus. Then ask yourself “Is this really what I want?” or “What is best for me?” Listen to the guidance that you receive and above all trust in yourself!

Archangel Michael helps to calm our fears and guides us through issues of self doubt. He helps us to find our courage and our direction. Michael’s energy is easily felt particularly during times of stress, confusion or when we are about head off in the wrong direction.  The Ascended Master Saint Germain works with Archangel Michael. He also provides courage and direction as well as helping us deal with those well meaning people who try to push us away from our path and the Egyptian Goddess Maat helps us find our truth by being honest with ourselves about what we want and where we want go. She says, “Honor yourself by being truthful. It is truth that creates order out of difficult or confusing situations. It is also truth that keeps your inner scales balanced, your energy free and your heart feather light.”

Our Sacred Stones for today are  Pietersite (Tempest stone) to aid in working through beliefs and conditioning imposed upon us by others. It opens the connection to our intuition and helps us see the truth and  Orange Calcite today to help balance the emotions and dispel fear and anxiety. It invites us to embrace our full potential and promotes problem solving.

Bright blessings for a magickal day!

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